About McKenzie church of Christ

Our Purpose: “To glorify Christ in holiness, worship, evangelism and compassion.”


16300 N. Highland Drive , McKenzie , TN. 38201

Office 731-352-2106 Care Line 731-352-9030 E-mail mckchurchofchrist@hotmail.com

Ministers: Jim Roberts, Jarrod Bailey, & John Forgy

What are churches of Christ? 
Churches of Christ are independent, local congregations made up of Christians whose hearts are knit together by love for Jesus and common belief in the New Testament as His revealed will. The unity enjoyed by these congregations is based upon shared beliefs and practices set forth in Scripture. Our goal is to please God by going back to the Bible to see how he would have us worship and live. Our sole purpose is to glorify Christ in holiness, worship, evangelism and compassion.We do this by proclaiming forgiveness through Jesus' death, burial and resurrection; sharing Christ's love by helping people in need; and encouraging spiritual growth and service among Christians as we look forward to Jesus' return. We are committed to doing things the Bible way. In all matters of religious practice, we seek to do what is so clearly biblical that everyone can participate in good conscience and in full fellowship with others. We have no denominational name or affiliation and prefer simply to be called Christians. We speak where the Bible speaks and we are silent where the Bible is silent.

What will you find at the McKenzie church of Christ
1. You will find a group of people who recognize and respect the authority of the New Testament.
2. You will find worship that is patterned after the New Testament.
3. You will find a group of people who believe in restoring the church today as it was in New Testament Times.
4. You will find a group of people who love God and one another.
5. You will find a group of people who are zealous in teaching their beliefs.