Here you will find the audio recordings of the sermons preached on Sundays and special occasions. We also offer the video recordings of most of the sermons on UStream, to view them click here.


Speaker - "Sermon Topic"
1/7/18 Jim Roberts-"Spiritual Soundbites"
1/7/18 Jim Roberts-"Who Needs Rules"
12/31/17 John David Russell-"Under New Ownership"  
12/31/17 Jim Roberts-"Maintaining Spiritual Growth"
12/24/17 Jim Roberts-"Are You On The Right Road"
12/17/17 Jim Roberts - "Divided House"
12/17/17 Jim Roberts - "Making Obediene Personal"
12/10/17 Jim Roberts-"Developing Persistence & Expectation In Prayer"
12/10/17 Jim Roberts-"When Christmas Is Not Merry"
12/3/17 Jim Roberts-"The Lord's Prayer"
12/3/17 Jim Roberts-"The Value of Purpose Giving"
11/26/17 Nathan Powell-"Thankfulness"  
11/26/17 John Forgy-"Some Things We Know About Heaven"  
11/19/17 Jim Roberts-"Learning From the Home of Martha"
11/19/17 Jim Roberts-"Do Not believe-Part III"
11/12/17 Jim Roberts - "Who Is My Neighbor"
11/12/17 Jim Roberts - "Do Not Believe"
11/5/17 Jim Roberts-"Working For Jesus"
11/5/17 Jim Roberts-"Don't Believe"
10/29/17 Jim Roberts-"Reflecting On God"  
10/29/17 Jim Roberts-"The Cost of Discipleship"
10/22/17 Jim Roberts-"The Apostiles & Attitude Problems"
10/22/17 Jim Roberts-"Justified & Satisfied"
10/15/17 Jim Roberts-"A Father Receives A Son"
10/15/17 Jim Roberts-"Bible School Not Just For Kids"
10/8/17 John Forgy-"Praying For Your Life"
10/8/17 Nathan Powell-"Where Have All The Leaders Gone?"
10/1/17 Jim Roberts - "A Mountain Top Experience"
10/1/17 Jim Roberts - "A Great Bible School"
9/24/17 Nathan Powell-"Grief"  

John Forgy-"A Great Teaching Force"

9/17/17 Jim Roberts-"Confessing Christ"
9/17/17 Jim Roberts-"A Business Lady Comes To The Lord"
9/10/17 Jim Roberts-"Moving Forward With Jesus"
9/10/17 Jim Roberts-"A Magician Comes To Christ"
9/3/17 Jim Roberts - "Representing Jesus"
9/3/17 Jim Roberts - "The Persecutor Saved"
8/30/17 Randy Maccadams- "Conflict Resolution"
8/27/17 Jim Roberts-"A Child Is Saved From Death"
8/27/17 Jim Roberts-"What Does It Mean To Love The Lord"
8/23/17 Jeff Whitworth-"The Model of Christ & His Church"  
8/20/17 Jim Roberts-"The Doctor Chaser"
8/20/17 Jim Roberts-"When Darkness Covered the Earth"
8/16/17 Brents Priestley - "Financial Peace In The Home"  
8/13/17 Josh Walker-"Honduras Mission:13"  
8/13/17 Jim Roberts - "The Naked Outcast"
8/9/17 Jim Roberts - "Fulfilling One Another"
8/6/17 Nathan Powell - "Time"
8/6/17 John Forgy - "Faith Exemplified"
7/30/17 Jarrod Bailey - "Farewell"  
7/30/17 Jim Roberts - "One Stormy Day"
7/26/17 Chad Batton - "Divorce Is Not The Answer"
7/23/17 Jim Roberts - "3 Worthy Goals of Life"
7/23/17 Jim Roberts - "From The Mouth of Babes"
7/19/17 Dennis Kee - "Spending Time Together"
7/16/17 Jim Roberts - "Sin, Tears, & Forgiveness"
7/16/17 Jim Roberts - "How To Come Back"
7/12/17 Patrick Forgy - "The Problem with Us"
7/11/17 Ken Donahue- "'Deservins' got nothing to do with it"
7/10/17 Bill Mayberry - "Self-control"
7/9/17 Jim Roberts - "Are You The One"
7/9/17 Jim Roberts - "Freedom That Makes Me Proud"
7/2/17 Jim Roberts - "Power Over Sickness & Death"
7/2/17 Jim Roberts - "What Does VBS Mean"
6/28/17 Jarrod Bailey - "What Wives Need To Know"  
6/25/17 Jim Roberts - "Fruit Inspection"
6/25/17 Nathan Powell - "Do You Remember Your First Love"
6/21/17 Keith Priestley - "What Husbands Need To Know"  
6/18/17 John David Russell - " Abounding Love"
6/18/17 Jim Roberts - "Gifts For Dad"
6/14/17 Jerry Merchant - "How To Kill Communication"  
6/11/17 Ben Walker -  
6/11/17 Ethan Schulte - Spirtual Growth  
6/4/17 Jim Roberts - "Blessings & Woes"
6/4/17 Jim Roberts - "Do You Believe In God or Believe God"
5/31/17 Jack Holland - "Please Listen to Me"  
5/28/17 Jim Roberts - "Jesus Chooses His Team"
5/28/17 Jim Roberts - "What determines Right"
5/24/17 Josh Kee - "The Communication Lifeline"  
5/21/17 Jim Roberts - "Lord of the Sabbath"
5/21/17 Jim Roberts - "Look For The Rainbow"


Bryan Sanders - "We Are Made For Each Other"  
5/14/17 Jim Roberts - "Changing Attitudes"
5/14/17 Jim Roberts - "Behold Your Mother"
5/10/17 Stephen Edwards - "Building Better Marriages"  
5/7/17 Jim Roberts - "Leper & Paralytic Made Whole"
5/7/17 Jim Roberts - "Business of God"
4/30/17 Jim Roberts - "Friendship Begins At Home"
4/30/17 Jim Roberts - "Thank God For Friends"
4/23/17 Jim Roberts - "Proverbs For Graduates"
4/23/17 Jim Roberts - "Excited For God"
4/16/17 Jim Roberts - Fishers of Men"
4/16/17 Jim Roberts - "Don't Run From Resurrection"
4/9/17 Jarrod Bailey - "A Walk Through James"
4/9/17 Jarrod Bailey - "I am Different"
4/2/17 Jim Robets - "The Preaching & Healing Begins"
4/2/17 Jim Roberts - "Seed Planting"
3/26/17 Jim Roberts - "Satan Temps Jesus"
3/26/17 Jim Roberts - "When God Speaks"
3/19/17 Jim Roberts - "Baptism of Jesus"
3/19/17 Jim Roberts - "When God Seems Late"
3/12/17 Jim Roberts - "John Prepares The Way"
3/12/17 Jim Roberts - "Distant God"
3/5/17 Jim Roberts - "Jesus Grows Up"
3/5/17 Jim Roberts - "Reaching Out To Others"
2/26/17 Jim Roberts - "The One God"
2/26/17 Jim Roberts - "Joy To The World"
2/19/17 John Forgy-"Blessed Assurance"
2/19/17 Jarrod Bailey-"The Lord's Supper"  
2/12/17 Jim Roberts-"The Birth Announcement That Change the World"
2/12/17 Jim Roberts-"One Baptism"
2/5/17 Jim Roberts-"An Unusual Baby"
2/5/17 Jim Roberts-"The One Faith"
1/29/17 Ken Joines -"Encouraging one Another"  
1/29/17 Jim Roberts -"One Lord"
1/22/17 Jim Roberts -"Promoting the Cause of Christ"
1/22/17 Jim Roberts-"one Hope"
1/15/17 Jim Roberts-"He Hasn't Come Yet"
1/15/17 Jim Roberts-"One Spirit"
1/8/17 Jim Roberts-"Marks of a Maturing Church"
1/8/17 Jim Roberts-"The Oneness of God's Plan"
1/1/17 Jim Roberts-"Godly Guidelines"
1/1/17 Jim Roberts-"Here We Go Again"
12/25/16 Jim Roberts-"Grandpa, Tell Me About the Good Old Days"
12/18/16 Jim Roberts-"The Christian's Perspective of the 2nd Coming of Christ
12/18/16 Jim Roberts-"Things That Turn People Off From Christianity"
12/11/16 Jim Roberts-"Living That Pleases God"


Jim Roberts-"Lost Opportunities"
12/4/16 Jim Roberts-"Blest Be The Tie That Binds"
12/4/16 Jim Roberts-"The Attitude Behind The Gift"
11/27/16 Jarrod Bailey-"Obstacles"
11/27/16 John Forgy-"Thoughts On Life"
11/20/16 Jim Roberts-"Delivering The Gospel God's Way"
11/20/16 Jim Roberts-"Guidelines For Healthy Communication"
11/13/16 Dorian Flynn-"P4A"
11/13/16 Jim Roberts-"Voices From Calvary"
11/6/16 Jim Roberts-"Behovior To Be Proud Of"
11/6/16 Jim Roberts-"Wake Up"
10/30/16 Clay Pinson-  
10/30/16 Jim Roberts-"Who Is Your Daddy"
10/23/16 Jim Roberts-"Promises of God's Forgiveness"
10/23/16 Jim Roberts-"Healthy Living"
10/16/16 Jim Roberts-"Healthy Spiritual Living"
10/16/16 Jim Roberts-"How Can I Help The Church"
10/9/16 Jarrod Bailey-"Armour of God"    
10/9/16 John Forgy-"Essentials of A Team Player"
10/2/16 Dave Huffman-"Latin American Missions"  
10/2/16 Jim Roberts-"Bones of Faith"
9/25/16 Jim Roberts-"Leadership and Healthy Living"


Jim Roberts-"Two Ways"
9/18/16 John Forgy-"Abiding in Christ"
9/18/16 Jarrod Bailey-"Faith"
9/11/16 Jim Roberts-"Healthy Living"
9/11/16 Jim Roberts-"The Golden Rule"
9/4/16 Jim Roberts-"How Do You Receive Correction"
9/4/16 Jim Roberts-"Those Who Reject Holy Things"
8/31/16 Billy Smith-"My Commitment to The Church"
8/28/16 Jim Roberts-"Learning from Stephen"
8/28/16 Jim Roberts-"Judge Not"  
8/24/16 Randy Stephens-"How Does My Commitment Determine My Giving"  
8/21/16 JohnForgy-"The Spirit Filled Life"  
8/21/16 Jarrod Bailey-"Noah"  
8/17/16 Scott Bloodworth-"Being Committed to the Unity of the Church"  
8/14/16 Jim Roberts-"Overcoming Worry"
8/10/16 Phillip Plyer-"Committed to Outreach"
8/7/16 Jim Roberts- "Improving Your Prayer Life Part 3"
8/7/16 Jim Roberts-"Heavenly Investment"
7/31/16 Josh Kee-"Are You A Grasshopper?"
7/31/16 Jim Roberts-"Do It For Real"
7/24/16 Jim Roberts- "Improving Your Prayer Life Part 2"
7/24/16 Jim Roberts-"Love our Enemies"
7/20/16 Tim Rogers-"Committed To the Worship of the Church"  
7/17/16 Jim Roberts-"Improving Your Prayer Life - Part 1"
7/17/16 Jim Roberts-"Overcoming Revenge With Self Control"
7/10/16 Jim Roberts-"City of Moab"
7/10/16 Jim Roberts-"Should We Swear?"
7/3/16 Jim Roberts-"Stand With God"
7/3/16 Jim Roberts-"Physical & Mental Adultry"
6/29/16 Billy Ringold-"How Senior Members Can Demonstrate Their Commitment"  
6/26/16 Jim Roberts-"Preparing For The End"
6/26/16 Jim Roberts-"When Hatred Becomes Murder"

Corey Sawyers-"How Young & Middle-Age Adults Display Their Commitment"

6/19/16 Jim Roberts-"Wise Living"
6/19/16 Jim Roberts-"Our Father in Heaven & On Earth"
6/15/16 Adam Currence-"How Can Youth Show Their Commitment"
6/12/16 Jim Roberts-"The Way of The Fool"
6/12/16 Jim Roberts-"Jesus, The Law, and Us"
6/8/16 Mike Eaton-"Overcoming Obstacles to Commitment"
6/5/16 Jim Roberts-"A Common Destiny"
6/5/16 Jim Roberts-"You Are Light of the World"
5/29/16 Jim Roberts-"Justice For All"
5/29/16 Jim Roberts-"Salt of the Earth"
5/25/16 Chad Ezelle-"Why is my Commitment so Important"  
5/22/16 Jim Roberts-"Practical Wisdom (Part 2)"
5/22/16 Jim Roberts-"Happiness in Pain"
5/18/16 Jim Faughn-"The Commitment of Christ to his Church"
5/15/16 John Forgy-"The Night Shift"
5/15/16 Jarrod Bailey-"Psalm 23"
5/11/16 Jessie Robertson-"Defining Commitment from Scripture"  
5/8/16 Jim Roberts- "Practical Wisdom (Part 1)"
5/8/16 Jim Roberts- "Jesus and His Mother"
5/1/16 Jim Roberts-"Proverbs For Graduates
5/1/16 Jim Roberts-"Happiness in Peacemaking"
4/24/16 Jim Roberts-"The Passing of Life"  
4/24/16 Jim Roberts-"Happiness is Purity of Heart"
4/17/16 Jim Roberts-"Stand in Awe of God, Not Money"
4/17/16 Jim Roberts-"Have Mercy"
4/10/16 Jim Roberts "The Power of Friendship"
4/10/16 Jim Roberts-"Desperate for God"
4/3/16 Jarrod Bailey-"Attitude"
4/3/16 John Forgy-"Focus Focus Focus"
3/27/16 Jim Roberts-"Time Reflections"
3/27/16 Jim Roberts-"Happiness is Meekness"
3/20/16 When Pleasure, Wisdom, & Works Mean Nothing
3/20/16 Jim Roberts-"Crying Your Way to Happiness"
3/13/16 Jim Roberts-"A Dim View of Life"
3/13/16 Jim Roberts-"Happiness in Emptiness"
3/6/16 Jarrod Bailey-"Fishers of Men"
3/6/15 John Forgy-"All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Sunday School "
2/28/16 Jim Roberts"God On His Throne"
2/28/16 Jim Roberts-"The Hardened Heart (Part 2)"
2/21/16 Jim Roberts"Decision to Follow God"
2/21/16 Jim Roberts-"The Hardened Heart (Part 1)"
2/14/16 Jim Roberts-"What Does True Love Look Like"
2/7/16 Jim Roberts-"Christ Our Refuge"
2/7/16 Jim Roberts-"Character of an Elder"
1/31/16 Jim Roberts-"Give Me This Mountain"
1/31/16 Jim Roberts-"The Role of an Elder"
1/24/16 Jim Roberts-"Achan For Trouble"
1/24/16 Jim Roberts-"What Is a Great Church?"
1/17/16 Jim Roberts-"Facing Jericho"
1/17/16 Jim Roberts-"Walking With Jesus"
1/10/16 Jim Roberts-"Tell Your Children"
1/10/16 Jim Roberts-"The Church, Culture, and Government"
1/3/16 Jim Roberts-"Crossing Over Jordan"
1/3/16 Jim Roberts-"Remember Our Mission"
12/27/15 Jim Roberts-"Rahab Reflections"
12/27/15 Jim Roberts-"Grace and Peace"
12/20/15 Jim Roberts-"Passing the Torch"
12/20/15 Jim Roberts-'The Guidance of Grace"
12/13/15 Jim Roberts-"Overcoming Worry"
12/13/15 Jim Roberts-"Grace is Gracious"
12/6/15 Jim Roberts-"Looking Spiritually at the Earthly"
12/6/15 Jim Roberts-"Grace is Gracious"
11/29/15 John Forgy-"Hush Up, Build Up,Speak Up"  
11/29/15 Jarrod Bailey-"Psalms 23"
11/22/15 Jim Roberts-"Becoming Lights in the World"
11/22/15 Jim Roberts-"Mad at Grace"
11/15/15 Jim Roberts-"Looking More Like Jesus"
11/15/15 Jim Roberts-"Falling From Grace"
11/8/15 Jim Roberts-"Guarding The Faith"
11/8/15 Jim Roberts-"Grace & Obedience"
11/1/15 Jim Roberts-"Promoting the Furtherance of the Gospel"
11/1/15 Jim Roberts-"Jesus: The Cost, Center, & Character of Grace"
10/25/15 Jim Roberts-"The Fellowship of the Gospel"
10/25/15 Jim Roberts-"God's Amazing Grace"
10/18/15 Jim Roberts-"God, Common Sense, & Problem Solving Pt. 3"
10/18/15 Jim Roberts-"Faith That Changes Me"
10/11/15 John Forgy-"The Barnabas Factors"
10/11/15 John Forgy-"The Ideal Audience"
10/4/15 Jim Roberts-"God, Common Sense, & Problem Solving Pt. 2"
10/4/15 Jim Roberts-"Faith in the Future"
9/27/15 Jim Roberts-"God, Common Sense, & Problem Solving Pt. 1"
9/27/15 Jim Roberts-"When Faith Goes Bad"
9/20/15 Jim Roberts-"When a Good Child Goes Bad"
9/20/15 Jm Roberts-"Faith, Preaching, and Scripture
9/13/15 Randy McCadams-"Honduras"  
9/13/15 Jim Roberts-"A Faith That Grows"
9/6/15 Dave Huffman-"Panama Children's Home"
9/6/15 Jarrod Bailey- Are We the Only Ones Going to Heaven?
8/30/15 Jeremiah Bailey-"Do Not Be Decieved"  
8/30/15 Cameron Kee-"Getting Rid of Excuses"  
8/30/15 Jim Roberts-"What is Wrong With Using Instruments in Worship? Pt.2"
8/26/15 Roger Graham-"Anticipating Eternal Life with the King Himself"  
8/23/15 Jim Roberts-"A Faith Like Peter's"
8/23/15 Jim Roberts-"What is Wrong With Using Instruments in Worship?"
8/19/15 Brent Arnold-"Kingdom Business Now"
8/16/15 Jarrod Bailey-"Distractions"  
8/16/15 John Forgy- "Being A Team Player"  
8/12/15 Ricky Phillips-"Unity"  
8/9/15 Jim Roberts-"Right Relationships Within"
8/9/15 Jim Roberts-"Back to School Supplies"
8/2/15 John Forgy-"Why do Towers Fall?"  
8/2/15 John Forgy-"Godlessness in America"  
7/29/15 Lance Cordle-"Overcome Temptation by Staying Focused"
7/26/15 Jim Roberts-"Wearing the Name Christian"  
7/26/15 Jim Roberts-"The Bible in Three Announcements"
7/22/15 Steve Hacker-"Forgiveness"
7/19/15 Jim Roberts-"Living for God"
7/19/15 Jim Roberts-"What is the Wise Thing to Do?"
7/15/15 Chris King-" Overcoming Doubt"  
7/14/15 Jeff Whitworth-  
7/12/15 Jim Roberts-"Suffering for Good"  
7/12/15 Jim Roberts-"Truly This Was the Son of God"
7/8/15 Mark Blackwelder-"Speak On Behalf of Your King"
7/5/15 Jim Roberts-"Wives and Husbands"
7/5/15 Jim Roberts-"What Do We Have To Have"
6/28/15 Jim Roberts-"Here In the Real World"
6/28/15 Jim Roberts-"Save Yourselves"
6/24/15 Chase Sanders-"Persuing Holiness in Daily Life"  
6/21/15 Jim Roberts-"The Savior & The Saved"
6/21/15 Jim Roberts-"How Did Jesus Honor His Father?"
6/17/15 Victor Eskew-"Replace Hatred With Love"  
6/14/15 Jim Roberts-"Be Holy"
6/14/15 Jim Roberts-"It All Begins In the Family"
6/10/15 David Powell-"The Servants Heart"  
6/07/15 Jim Roberts-"Sustaining Hope"
6/07/15 Jim Roberts-"The Great I AM"
5/31/15 Jim Roberts-"Having a Song in Your Heart"
5/31/15 Jim Roberts-"Loving the Church"
5/27/15 Chad Ramsey-"Discovering Your Place in the Kingdom"  
5/24/15 Jim Roberts-"Farewell Friends"
5/24/15 Jim Roberts-"Remembering The Important"
5/20/15 Ben Flatt-"Understanding the Family Life of the Kingdom of God"  
5/17/15 Jim Roberts-"Yielding to the Service of God"
5/17/15 Jim Roberts-"Peace"
5/13/15 Dan Winkler-"Seek God's Kingdom in Your Lives"  
5/10/15 Dorian Flynn-"Partners 4 Africa 2015"  
5/10/15 Jim Roberts-"Road To Honor"
5/3/15 Jim Roberts-"Wisdom For Our Graduates"
5/3/15 Jim Roberts-"Don't Trip One Another On Purpose"
4/26/15 Jim Roberts-"Loving Your Brother: 'Let God be God'"
4/26/15 Jim Roberts-"Redeemed"
4/19/15 Jim Roberts-"Being a Christian Citizen and Neighbor"
4/19/15 Jim Roberts-"We Must Go On"
4/12/15 John Forgy-"The Paradox of Greatness"  
4/12/15 Jarrod Bailey-"Meanings From the Cross"
4/5/15 Jim Roberts-"I Will Influence"
4/5/15 Jim Roberts-"A Story Worth Telling"
3/29/15 Jim Roberts-"Will We Know One Another in Heaven?"
3/29/15 Jim Roberts-"Saved, But not Arrogant"
3/22/15 Jim Roberts-"Israel's Need for the Gospel"
3/22/15 Jim Roberts-"What God's Grace Gives Us"
3/15/15 Jim Roberts-"Those Who Reject Jesus"
3/15/15 Jim Roberts-"The Power of A Kiss"
3/8/15 Jim Roberts-"God's Providence and Love"
3/8/15 Jim Roberts-"Accepting the Message"
3/1/15 Jim Roberts-"Living in the Spirit"
3/1/15 Jim Roberts-"How to Study Your Bible"
2/15/15 Jim Roberts-"Married to Christ"
2/15/15 Jim Roberts-"The Value of Your Bible"
2/8/15 Cory Sawyers-"Bear Valley Preacher Training Institute"
2/8/15 Jim Roberts-"Whose Slave are You"
2/1/15 Jim Roberts-"Dead to Sin, Alive to God"
2/1/15 Jim Roberts-"The Character of a Deacon"